Workshop: Creating Sustainability With Our Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs

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We do care about Earth, her waters and soil, the animals, birds, and one another.

Sometimes the amazing hues streaking across the evening sky, the gifts from beings different from ourselves like the praying mantis in its stillness and the birds as they soar. Then there is the impact of kindness from another person…things like this can touch, deep inside, our desire for us humans and all life on Earth to continue.

Yet, it’s so easy to drop back into the numbness of  short-sighted gains.

We can get lost in our belief that we are so correct in our thinking that we have the right to not conisder the impact of what we do or think on “the other” or the future.

These energies are prevelent in our society. Energies that encourage us to act and think at the expense of oursleves, others and Earth. These energies diminish life here on Earth.

The truth is that creating sustainability and balance is something we all have to participate in. To achieve newness and sustainability we need to go forward together – all of creation, all our aliveness.

This workshop is an introduction to the ways of the Ka Ta See people of the Eastern Andes of Peru.

The Ka Ta See people have been on this Earth for a very long time.

Their gift to us is their knowledge about how to continue as individuals, as a species and as a planet.

Ka Ta See means: setting the world in balance, all of us working together to set the world in balance. 

Their teachings offer clear guidance on how to develop a deep respect and closeness with ourselves, others, and Earth.

In this workshop there are opportunities to stretch your perspective and expand your awareness of possibilities for your life, family and the world around you. These teachings can help you uncover new freedom for following your dreams, expressing your passions and creating sustainability with your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.   

Saturday, March 26 and May 21, 2016

9am to 4pm


Includes a Q&A session at a later date for those that complete the ceremonies

Limit 8 people

This is an online workshop through Zoom technology.  In the comfort of your home and with a favorite chair nearby your computer you get to gather with other participants audibly and visually.

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Registration deadlines:  Monday March  21 and May 16 2016 

Experiences offered by the workshop:

– I will introduce you to the Ka Ta See way of teaching and ceremonies.

– You will have a chance to share with one another ideas about how you identify yourself.


– I will guide you through a ceremony that will give you a glimpse of how they perceive themselves and their world.

– There will be a short video about how our thoughts emotions and beliefs contribute to our social values and effect the world we live in. We will close with another discussion time. 

Barb Culbertson 

Traditional Ka Ta See Teacher, Healer, and Counselor


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