Barb Culbertson


Barbara Culbertson
Traditional Ka Ta See Healing, Teaching and Counseling


Ka Ta See World in Balance Trainings
taught by Kay Cordell Whitaker, Santa Fe, New Mexico, (author of The Reluctant Shaman, and Sacred Link,), Lineage carrier of Ka Ta See Tradition in the Western world. Study dates: 1994 to present. 

Ka Ta See Apprenticeship 2004-2007
2007: Certified Ka Ta See Healing Practitioner
In this healing course the students are given seven levels of teachings and ceremonies. The skills of each level are necessary to be successful in the next level. We learned the ancient ways of listening and communicating physically and energetically with our clients and how to bring in energies and insights for our clients to use for returning to balance and well being.

Bone Throwing Apprenticeship 2007 to 2020
Designated a Traditional Ka Ta See Bone Thrower, January 2020.
The Ka Ta See Bone Throwing Ceremony is the oldest known divination technique. It’s also referred to as “Talking with the Spirits.” Those who seek the wisdom and guidance from these ceremonies come prepared with the question they wish the Spirits to address. The bone reader speaks the guidance and the medicine stories gifted from the Spirits about the question. It’s an honor to have permission to share these ancient ceremonies with others.

Weavings for the Healing of the Earth – Ceremonies and trainings.
Traditional Ka Ta See Weaver 2008 to present
In these weaving ceremonies there are eighteen symbols that we use as guidelines for creating a new web (energetic foundation) for Earth. One symbol, for example, has to do with new ways to relate to one another in our social groups and formations. These new social ways of interaction are based on actions that are not at the expense of self or others and in ways that assure thriving for the generations to come. New people are welcome to take the trainings to learn how to weave and how to use the symbols.   

Ka Ta See Teacher Training: 2008 to present
Certified Ka Ta See Teacher of  Level 1 (2018) and Level 2 (2019)  of the Apprenticeship Program: The Seven Levels of Ka Ta See Healing Skills and Teachings
In this training we learn to provide experiences of the ceremonies and the teachings that allow students to develop the skills necessary to advance to the next level of the apprenticeship program.

Ka Ta See Red Door Healing Bowl
Received trainings and provided services to clients from 2012 to present.
The Ka Ta See Red Door healing instrument is a powerful support for any kind of health issue. It is used to assess and broadcast information about people’s health and well-being without the client needing to be present. When not being used for broadcasting or assessing it can be used to clean spaces of energies that are distracting and use up our life energy in inefficient ways. This use is helpful in creating a soothing and calming atmosphere in your own home and in group gatherings. 

Related Professional Trainings and Experiences

Somatic Experiencing: Trauma Recovery
John Chitty, Polarity Educator and Practitioner, Colorado School of Energy Studies, weeklong trainings 1997 and 1998.

Peter Levine, developer of Somatic Experiencing: self study of book (Waking the Tiger) and a series of CDs on Healing from Sexual Abuse1998 to 2006.

Focusing Trainer:
Earned Focusing Trainer designation in 2006.  Was mentored by Ann Weiser Cornell, author of The Power of Focusing.  Focusing is a somatic approach to releasing hindering/stuck energies held in the body.

Taoist Mediation: Participated in trainings at Southern Dharma in North Carolina, 2003-2004 and led occasional workshops called “Meditating for Peace” based on a combination of Taoist and Ka Ta See teachings.

Mindfulness Meditation:  Omega institute for stress reduction and mindfulness training, Led by John Kabat Zinn, University of Massachusetts, Stress Reduction Clinic, 1995.
Eleven years of daily meditation practice and of teaching classes on tools for living mindfully at the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center.

Guided Mediation: Self study with Margo Adair’s  Working Inside Out – Tools for Change. Studied book and accompany tapes 1992-1994.

Meditations and Teachings on Death and Dying.  Stephen Levine:  self study of his books and meditations: 1991-1993. 

Other Education and Certificates

-Master of Arts Economics, North Carolina State University,  Raleigh, North Carolina, 1981
-Bachelor of Arts, Psychology/Religion, Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, North Carolina, 1973
-LMT, New Mexico, #7562, March 11, 2013, to 2019
-Certified Lymphatic De-Congestive Therapist, Dr.  Cory Carter  Method of Lymphatic DeCongestion. September 2009
-Approved NCTMB CE Provider 2010-2012
-Certified Ka Ta See Healing Practitioner, May 2007, Shaman
-Certified Focusing Trainer, January, 2006,
-Certified Polarity Educator, 2003
-LMT, NC March 2000 to February 2013
-North Carolina Massage Certification 1990, 525 hours

Professional Experience in the Healing Arts

Private Practice, Saxapahaw, NC (Januray 1, 2020  to present) Santa Fe New Mexico (March 2013 to 2019) Durham, NC (June 1990 to February 2012) and in New London, CT (August, 2006-December 2007): Massage Therapist, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (Lymph Star Pro) and Energy Healing Practitioner 

Private Practice, Saxapahaw, NC, January 1, 2020 to present: Traditional Ka Ta See Healing, Counseling, and Teaching,  Bone Throwing Ceremonies. 

Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 11-July, 2012: Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Massage Therapist, Traditional Ka Ta See Healing, Teaching and Counseling. 

Health Touch, Durham, NC, 2004-2012: Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Massage Therapist, Energy Balancing, Teacher of Ka Ta See Ceremonies and Skills of Unconditional Love.

Connecticut Center for Massage, Connecticut, January 2006-November, 2007: Instructor, Energetic Foundations and October, 2007 Introduction to Focusing, Weekend Workshop.

Duke University Diet and Fitness Center, Durham, North Carolina, January 1994 to August 2005: Individual Focusing and Intuitive/Energy Balancing sessions, Weekly Meditation and Lifestyle Change Classes and Quarterly Day-long Workshops

Miller-Mott Technical College Massage Therapy School, Cary, North Carolina, 2005-2006: Instructor, Energy Medicine: The Chakras

Obesity Expert Panel, New York, NY, January 27-28 2006: presenter of Mindful Eating exercise and participant in 10-person panel sponsored by an international pharmaceutical company for clinical trials.

Efficacy of Mindfulness Meditation as Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder Study Durham, NC, Duke University, Principal Investigator, Dr. Ruth Quillian-Wolever, Duke University and Dr. Jean Kristeller, Indiana State University, 2002: Meditation Instructor for Experimental Group and Pre- and Post-Study Interviewer.

Triangle Hospice, Durham, North Carolina, 1990-1993
Massage and stress reduction with hospice patients and their primary-care givers. In-service trainings for staff on using touch.

Southeast Regional Economic Justice Network Wellness Team, 1995 to 1999: Stress reduction, massage and spiritual support for low-wage workers at annual conferences and onsite with member organizations.

Classes and Workshops Presented Day-Long and Weekend Workshops:
Using Your Thoughts and Your Imagination to Create Health (Duke)
Healing With Touch (Triangle Hospice)
Practicing Peace: Taoist Meditation (Community)
Polarity Workshops (Community)
Focusing Workshop (Registered Polarity Practitioner Programs)

Two-hour Workshops (Duke Diet and Fitness Center)
Understanding your Lymphatic System
Getting Clear: What is Self-Acceptance
Exploring Self-Acceptance and Intimacy Through Meditation
Exercising Your Emotions

One-hour Weekly Classes (Duke Diet and Fitness Center)
Understanding Why We Overeat
Exploring Internal Motivation
Eating Trigger Foods Mindfully
Focusing on Emotional Clarity
Mindfulness Meditation
Eating With Awareness
Guided Imagery
Loving Kindness Meditation
Eating Just One Raisin
Exercising Your Emotions

On-line Classes and Speaking Opportunities:

Mindfulness presentation. April 1, 2008 at Eating Disorders Seminar led by Dr. Laura Weisberg at Duke University,

Teaching Assistant to Ann Weiser Cornell author of The Power of Focusing, for “Learning Focusing, Levels I-IV,” (each level a five week online class), 2005-2006.

Focusing Emerging Teacher Award/Scholarship, and Presentation at the conference, Focusing International Conference, Garrison Institute, New York, 2006

Barb Culbertson