Barb Culbertson

About Barb


Below is some information about my training and experience. I’ve included some questions for you to think about.


What brings you to this website?


I’m here because in the early 1990s one of my guided meditation clients came for her session and placed a book on my desk and said, “I think you’ll like this book.”

It was was my Ka Ta See teacher’s first book, The Reluctant Shaman. The experiences that Kay Cordell Whitaker had during her apprenticeship with her two Ka Ta See Shamans really pulled at my desire to experience the “so much more” that  is available for us humans described in this book. And the clarity and kindness of their teachings about how life could be really motivated me to find Kay and study with her. Which I did.


What are you hoping to find here?


The Ways of Balance website provides information about how the traditional Ka Ta See teachings, healings and counseling can increase your sense of aliveness, clarity, health, and happiness.

The ceremonies and spiritual practices you can gain from working with me, allow you to experience yourself differently, give you a chance to experiment with new understandings about power, and  about the whole of who and what we are – your totality,  and to learn the skills of unconditional love – love without conditions.

I offer these ceremonies, practices, and healings,  because I have studied this tradition since 1996 and have been given the honor of sharing the skills and knowledge of the Ka Ta See people with student and clients.

These teachings hold hope for a world full of thriving and kindness for all and gifts for us humans beyond what we can now imagine.


What other experiences do you bring along with your curiosity about this tradition?


While studying this extraordinary tradition I gained professional experiences in helping people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through body work and other somatic approaches to aid in full recovery from stress, injury, disease and emotional and physical trauma.

From 1990 to 2016 at various times, I offered individual sessions, workshops and classes as a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Polarity Educator, a Certified Focusing Teacher and a Certified Lymph De- Congestion Therapist.  For a span of ten years in this time period I worked at the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center teaching Mindfulness Meditation, Life Style Change classes, and providing individual energy balancing sessions.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in New Mexico. I received a BA in Psychology and Religion and a MA in Economics.

I currently focus my passions and energies on providing the traditional Ka Ta See teachings, healings and counseling.  I love the way that the ceremonies and practices guide people along their individual paths to  freedom, possibility, healing and fun.


How do you like to be treated as a client or student?


Here are my promises to my clients and students.

1) to provide a dependable safe place full of permission to explore the depths of who you are and the exquisiteness of what’s possible and doable.

2) I’ll help you find the gifts of the Ka Ta See practices and ceremonies for your daily life and for the dreams you hold deeply in your heart.

3)I’ll teach you skills that will deepen closeness and ease with yourself and others.

4) I’ll guide you to the powerful and effective Ka Ta See ways of building relational foundations that birth kindness for all.


Barb Culbertson