Living the gifts of your Bone Throw

Did you notice…

The way the Spirits knew how to open your heart, 

their steadfast unconditional love in the midst of embarrassment or resistance from their accurate reflections, 

the magic, beauty and laughter of the medicine stories and images, 

 the safety to stretch and experience life and the world around you with spaciousness,

 and doable next steps.

Be in the company of your Bone Spirit friends again.

Set aside time to let their guidance sink deeper into your life.  

Schedule times with me to review and delve more into the teachings of your Bone Throw and what they hold for your
relationships with yourself, others and the world. 

Don’t let the gifts of the Bone Throw slip away into the
 pace and demands of your everyday life.

Three 90-minute sessions

 $135 for the first two sessioin and the
third session is free

Payment requested via Zelle
24 hours before each appointment. 

Barbara Culbertson

Traditional Ka Ta See Teaching, Healing
and Counseling
Traditional Ka Ta See Bone Throwing Ceremonies