Changing What Seems Unchangeable

The more we understand the creation process of the moments of our lives, individually or as a group, the easier it is to make change.

One of our innate abilities as humans is that of manifesting. We do that with each belief, thought and emotion. These are the building blocks of our present and future. If we look back carefully and honestly we can see how these building blocks of manifestation have influenced our lives.

In the Ka Ta See tradition we call our beliefs, thoughts and emotions thoughtforms.

Collectively we build our social values. Similar thoughtforms join together and gain momentum by how much we fed them with our attention.

When they gain enough momentum and have been fed with enough intensity they manifest in our 3D world.

In Ka Ta See we study this—the effect of our thoughtforms – on ourselves, the spaces around us and on others. Through ceremonies, and discussions at the upcoming workshop we will explore the Ka Ta See ways of changing what seems unchangeable.

Click here to register or find out more information….Creating Sustainability with our Thoughts Emotions and Beliefs, Saturday, January 23, 2016 Workshop.  Saturday, March 26 and Saturday, May 21.

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