An Eclipse of the Moon

Love Notes and Ancient Teachings


What’s possible is to have a sense of trust, respect, fun and creativity with self, others, the earth, the nature beings and our spirit guides.

The quality of your life is determined by the nature of each of these relationships.

We live in a world that denies the possibility of communication with and gaining knowledge and newness in our life from anything but the linear 3-D world.  Yet with the denial of the non-linear, we ignore half of our intelligence.   

In the Ka Ta See Teachings one of their definitions of Unconditional Love is described in the NO NOs:  no blind beliefs, no assumptions, no expectations, no jumping to conclusions, no judgments, no arrogance and no unworthiness.

You get to choose to live your relationships by the conditional love that pervades the world we live in or to learn to live in Unconditional Love as we once did.  When you choose conditional love you separate yourself from everything and everyone. You separate yourself from your Song, the truth of who and what you are.

Acting out of conditional love, people feel driven to try to control everything around them (including themselves) with shaming, blaming, lies to ourselves and others and pretense about what is real.

To choose to relate from your Song, from the Unconditional Love that flows from your Song, “you interlace with the world, like lovers.  You make harmony with all other parts.” 

When you interact from Unconditional Love, that energy grows and spreads. When three large Beings like Sun, Earth and Moon stand side by side, the Unconditional Love expands and pours out.

Love notes # 3:  An Eclipse of the Moon

This Love Note is gifted me by the Sun, Earth and Moon.


What do you pour out moment to moment?

It is easy to look around and compare yourself to others and feel satisfied, comfortable and believe that you can maintain your perceived better-than status that conditional love requires. But in that process you pass up the chance to experience the fullness of your aliveness and freedom from the life-draining babble of your mind.

I’ve studied the Ka Ta See tradition since 1996 and can teach you spiritual practices and processes that will let you experience the distinction between the social constructs of our world and what’s real. These teachings give you access to deep communication with self, others and all of creation. These teachings give you the skills to participate in creating a world full of kindness for all.


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Love Notes and Ancient Teachings

 capture sounds, patterns and vibrations of my interactions with the physical and energetic aspects of the world around me. Listen deeply with me to my Spirits Guides, and Nature Beings friends — to their wisdom about what’s possible for us humans. The teachings are based on the Ka Ta See Tradition of the Easter Andes of Peru as taught by Chea and Domano Hetaka Kay Crodell Whitake, lineage holder of this tradition for the Western World.


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