Here are some descriptions of my work from my clients:


Barbara is a truly gifted healer who holds a safe, powerful, and loving container.

In our session together she took me to a very deep place within myself and compassionately guided me through a transformative process.  Through both spiritual and somatic work, I was able to release some intergenerational trauma inherited from my father that was hanging around my bones and in my nervous system since my childhood.  I have been feeling much more peaceful and grounded in my “song” ever since.

I think it’s rare to find healers and guides that embody her level of skill and integrity.”

~ Licensed Social Worker


Deeply appreciate our session today. So precious. Rarely (since she died) do I visit my aunt (in my heart) because I fear the flood of pain.Your presence and  support made a space for me to creep into a  precious place with her. You make it possible to go there. Thank you for  all your healing and laughter and care. Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom and gifts.
~ Retired Hospital Chaplin, and Elementary School Teacher


“To have found a practitioner like Barbara Culbertson, who was willing to collaborate with me regarding my health issues, was a rare find indeed. Over multiple appointments, I had evolving insights about my care, and with competence and sensitivity, Barbara adapted her skills. Throughout each appointment, I felt grateful for Barbara’s personalized care.”

~ Creative consultant, Writer, Editor


This client had been in a bus accident 4-5 months prior to our work together. He was experiencing pain in his back, shoulders, upper back and tingling in his hands. He had seen many medical specialist and they could not find the cause nor help him.

It seemed to open my back and to create good separation in my spine. The light kneading was very effective in getting to my sore sports. She was great! She seemed to get to the proper spots in short order.


Thanks, Barb. I respect your work so much.
~ Retired Health Care Practitioner 


Any opportunity that i have to schedule time with Barbara for a session i absolutely will.  For me, just knowing that i have that upcoming session makes me feel reassured.. because i know that i will come out of it feeling ‘re-set’… i experience a deep relaxation no matter what i walk in with, and by the time my sessions have ended i always walk out feeling incredibly grounded, clear and a renewed strength to move forward in whatever life issues may be in need of my attention.
~ Nutrition  specialist.


I received three of the most amazing treatments from Barbara. For the last twelve years I’ve been suffering pretty chronic pain from a series of surgeries that I had. And her massage treatments and lymphatic treatments in combination with the shamanic work I experienced freed me from pain like I haven’t experienced in years.

I have an openness and mobility and freedom of movement that I haven’t had in a very long time.

And so I’m especially grateful for the treatments I received here.
~ Business owner


Today’s session with you was wonderful in so many ways. Thank you for being so sensitive to my needs and for giving me such a feeling of renewal and total relaxation. I have not felt that since you left Durham and moved to Santa Fe, and I must say it was a sweet reminder of all of the gentle and restorative healing sessions you had given me over the 18 years (yes, that’s right) before you moved your practice to the West.
~ Remodeling General Contractor


After my Ka Ta See session I felt like I could hardly get my body up off the table every cell was so deeply grounded I literally felt like 1000 pounds. My voice was even very deep. After my session – I guess because I was in such a deeply relaxed state in response to the energy work going on and around my body. After leaving the session and going out into the world – I felt like I had been sleeping for a hundred years – but somehow walked back into my life – almost like a whole new perspective or wisdom had been gained. Going into these sessions I mentioned some issues that I am having and would like to work on – now that a few days have passed, in hindsight, I am seeing pathways open up for me on those very issues – in a positive direction.  Health and Nutritional Supplies Buyer


I came into the session feeling really awful, physically and emotionally, I felt emotionally drained and in physical pain, plus I had lots of worries and concerns on my mind. During the session I quickly and easily left all that behind, with no effort on my part. I became relaxed and at various points felt unaware of my body and surroundings. As Barbara worked I felt free—I could tell that she was listening to my body and her Spirit Guides and as a result knew exactly what I needed at each moment.
~ PHD Psychologist/Researcher


Your intuitive sense was perfectly tuned into what I was experiencing energetically. Your deep presence and unconditional love is felt on a deep level. The role that sound and vibration plays in our healing process is undeniable. I will be highly recommending the work you are doing to others.
~ Stress Management Consultant


I experienced my first Ka Ta See session with Barbara. I am a healer and have had many, many healing sessions from many practitioners with varied healing modalities and I thought that this would be similar to all the others.

The first thing I noticed when I got on the table and closed my eyes was Barbara’s gentle but powerful touch. I began to relax immediately. I was aware of her movements around the table and on my body and also the way the energy moved and shifted within and around my body. After a period of adjusting to the energy and the relaxation, I realized that I had been experiencing periods of losing consciousness of my surroundings. I would periodically become aware that I had not been conscious of any sensations at all. Then, I would go right back into this space of no thought (no-thingness). This happened repeatedly. I have never been able to achieve this state through meditation though I have tried many times.

Barbara then struck a gong and the sound waves washed over me like an ocean wave at the beach, washing away all of the old energy leaving me feeling clear and refreshed. I had the image of sand after an ocean wave has washed over it and removed all of the footprints and debris.

It was one of the most amazing sessions that I have ever experienced and I so look forward to my next one.
~ Reiki Master/Teacher  Shamanic Reiki Practitioner


I felt relaxed and well after our session. I thought it was interesting that you picked up on trauma stored in my system quickly. I appreciate the suggestions and help during our session.
~ Graduate Student


For fees, or to set an appointment and directions: Call or text Barb at 919-452-8490 or email me at culb1951@gmail.com.
Look forward to talking with you and seeing you!!

Barb Culbertson
Traditional Ka Ta See
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