“After the session every cell in my body felt grounded…”

Spreading Your Wings

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After my Ka Ta See session I felt like I could hardly get my body up off the table. Every cell in my body was so deeply grounded. I literally felt like 1000 lbs. My voice was even very deep – I guess because I was in such a deeply relaxed state in response to the energy work going on and around my body.


After leaving the session and going out into the world – I felt like I had been sleeping for a hundred years – but somehow walked back into my life – almost like a whole new perspective or wisdom had been gained.


Going into these sessions I mentioned some issues that I am having and would like to work on – now that a few days have passed, in hindsight, I am seeing pathways open up for me on those very issues – in a positive direction. ~  Health and Nutritional Supplies Buyer and Advisor, Age 33


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Barb Culbertson
Traditional Ka Ta See
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