Bone Throw Testimonials


There are testimonials from people who have receivevd Bone Throw readings from me.  Some felt comfortable giving their names some preferred to give their occupation.  

I just had a profound healing experience from my bone throw with Barbara. My perspective on my health was expanded and the direction to focus my attentions was highlighted. The gentle but clear messages of the Spirit teachings are unmistakable and Barbara’s poetic storytelling is full of love. The gift of the Bone Throw is to look at the true deeper question and articulate it and then reveal what is hidden. Thank you, Barbara!
— Jennifer S., teacher

This bone throw gave me just what I needed to hear about what I had been thinking about all during the week about this question – the question I asked the spirits today.
— County Non-profit employee

Thank you, Barb! What a rich conversation. I’ve got much to contemplate.
— Director volunteer non-profit group

Thank you Barbra, that was beautiful and amazing!! So much love and understanding from the spirits and you. I am grateful for the time we spent together today and for you sharing your magic with me.
— Public school teacher

I recently received a Bone Throw from Barb. I was very moved by her abilities and respect in offering the ceremony – wow! 

She first created a beautiful field of energy with her Spirit Helpers that was filled with love. It was more than tangible on many levels. She then gracefully addressed what the Spirits were showing her, and she did so with ease, enthusiasm, and balance. Her story telling about the Bone Spirits was vivid and stirring and very “out-of-the-box!” Her tempo, clarity, and dance with words make the Bone Throw very understandable as well as fluid, such that I felt like I was floating down stream in a gentle and wild river current. 

Barb answered my questions and curiosities wholeheartedly. She continually spoke to the question I had asked the Spirits. During and after the ceremony, I felt inspired. I not only felt deeply seen by Barb and her Helpers, I also felt the wonders of the perspective they showed me about my path. I was touched and cleansed with a sweet healing energy that permeated me and the space all around me.

I send overflowing rivers of love and appreciation to you! It was an honor to receive the Bone Throw from Barb.
— Astrologer .

It was such a beautiful throw and I so appreciate it.  It really affirmed some things I had been pondering.  And it certainly gives me a lot to think about and work with.  

The throw gave me tools to get grounded and clear about things I need to be more proactive about.  Again.  Very beautiful throw.
— Corporate Empoyee

I feel that you did a beautiful job of relaying the messages of the spirits, as you followed the lines of energy on your ground. 

It was extremely beneficial for me and where I am right now. It has given me much to contemplate and evaluate in my path forward with my relationship to my spirit helpers, and what might be holding me back from more fulfilling communication and perception in the non-linear.

You were well prepared, and allowed for questions and comments as you proceeded through the reading and interpretation. I loved the stories you interspersed throughout of what these spirits had taught you along the way.
— Lover of the Land

As a person who regularly pulls tarot cards for herself, I reached a point where I needed more clarity on the directions presented to me in my life, so I had a Bone Throw with Barbara. To say she’s amazing is an understatement. She was able to offer me more information from the spirits than I was expecting. There’s also a beauty and poetry to how she shares the information and the stories the spirits are offering. Spending time with Barbara and the spirits was a big healing and exactly what I needed to get back on my personal course.
— Lora Keddie, Aurora, Oregon

That was really great. You were so clear and really good (medicine) stories.
— Buyer, National Food Store 

It was absolutely amazing.  So many things for me to explore that I hadn’t been aware of about my question.  It brought back memories of my childhood dreams for this (referring to her questions) in my life and that’s an important connection for me to remember.
— Provides elder care for those that are dying.