Paddling Up Stream

When something in you life is a struggle, its a sure sign that you’re paddling your canoe upstream.

Maybe there is lack of sureness in who or what to trust, maybe you spend much time criticizing, blaming and shaming so you don’t have to take responsibility for the moments of your life. Perhaps you dare not put your gifts out there in fear of failure – you hide. Perhaps you’ve forgotten your dreams and prefer not to notice.

But sure as day, when you feel something in your life is a struggle – you’re paddling up stream.

In Ka Ta See, learning to work with nature and not against nature begins with learning your Song, your truth…

Learning to love and accept yourself unconditionally –

then sharing with all else what you hold inside.

For a very very long time the Ka Ta See people have chosen to live with nature and not against nature.

 I want to share with you what they know. There are so many gifts they have to offer.

Creating Sustainability With Your Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs

March 26 and May 21

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