Two Ways We Learn Repetitive Patterns

We humans can learn to cut the cords that connect us to our repetitive, crazy making, life draining patterns. Patterns that reek havoc on our peace of mind as well as the ease of our relationships with ourselves and others.

There is a skill to it. You can learn to distinguish the feeling sense of who and what you are from the feeling sense of those patterns and responses that you learn from your families and your culture.

You learned them by absorbing the thoughts (spoken or not spoken), the impact of the emotions (expressed or held inside), intonations and postures of those you’ve interacted with over time.

You’ve learned how to decode the pictures (expectations) that people hold up to you. These pictures tell you how to act, think, feel and interact as well as how others want you to respond to them specifically, in the moment.

We do this for one another.

Learn more about gaining freedom from these ferocious habits and about how we effect one another and the world we live in.


Creating Sustainability With Our Thoughts, Emotions, and Beliefs

March 26 and May 21,  2016

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