Song definitely has the capacity to grieve. But what usually takes place for most of us is the masks step in there, get in the way, take control of our thoughts, our mind, our emotions, our intent, and twist grief into something that it was not intended to be.

One of the things that happens with most of us in our lives when we have a really big trauma, a major traumatic event, something that would involve grieving, especially, there’s a piece of us that gets overwhelmed, doesn’t want to deal with it anymore and wants to leave.

So, we send it off with the spirits for safe keeping.

And, this “lost” piece is fine where it is and safe but it leaves us with a hole.

Literally, a big empty pit within our own auric field. And in that hole, there’s always something off, something not quite right, this feeling of less, of loss, of grief, of overwhelm. And that’s not going to go away as long as the hole is there.

The only thing that fixes it and cures it is getting the piece back.

So, my recommendation is to do “soul retrievals,” “spirit retrievals,” going over and over and over again to retrieve the lost pieces.

It is best to learn to go for yourself.
Bring the pieces back inside yourself, integrate them.

Very often if another little trauma happens, you get upset again, the piece will leave again.

But if you bring it back several times then the piece and you figure out how to rewire, to really secure yourselves together and become one again.

And it won’t leave anymore after that.

And then the hole is filled and that overwhelming loss, despair, grief, feelings of fear, of all the different types of negative emotions that can be generated with the presence of these holes in our aura, that dissipates.

It leaves.

When we are in these states of grief and loss and the masks have taken control they superimpose their beliefs and their agendas onto the issues at hand.

They make us believe that there is some kind of great loss, emptiness, something gone forever. That something really bad has happened, that there is great trauma present now.

And so we go through those beliefs and those emotions and those steps and we keep re-traumatizing ourselves with the help of the masks.

When Song is grieving there is sadness but it is a very different kind of feeling from what we are used to when the masks are generating grief.

There is not this hopeless-empty-loss-trauma feeling.

It’s just a sensation of something missing that you would like to be there.

When it is something that we have “lost”, like a person in our life is dying or we have had to move away from a place that we love – we haven’t really lost them.

In reality, in the bigger picture of things, there is no loss. They’re right there.

You cannot see the people, they do not have a physical body, but they’re right there, and if you think about them, if you call them, if you want to interact with them, they’re there, they are present.

Sometimes we need to get into ceremony, into deep trance, to be able to be in a state where we can really sense their presence, to be able to interact with them on a fuller level.

But the more we do it the easier it gets and we are then able to recognize their presence, their signature, even if we are not in the middle of a trance or a ceremony or a journey and we are able to access that information that they would like to impart to us.

It’s a matter of persistence, going back to your Song, staying in your Song, remembering the signatures of the people and the places and the things that seem like you’ve lost, that seem like they are gone, that they are not there in your physical presence anymore.

But Song knows that there isn’t any loss.
It’s an illusion.
It’s one of the things that the masks use to keep control.

Love Ka Ta See Style, by Kay Cordell Whitaker, chapter 19, pgs. 108-110.


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