Staying Sane

Staying centered, staying in your Song, Song in the driver’s seat, where you have control and focus over your conscious awareness is the best place to be – no matter what.

And in some sense, when you’re in that place, you do watch it all go by. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t jump in.

If something really stirs you and you really want to be part of it and take action – then do it.

But doing something like becoming an activist and still remaining in your masks, having the masks in the driver’s seat and in control, taking control of all your daily thoughts and emotions and the things that you say, all your activities – then all you’re going to do is do lots of mask stuff out there in the world and relate to people mask-to- mask. And you’re not going to get very far.

Whatever you’re trying to be an activist about – you counteract it.

So, no matter what you choose to do – to not pay much attention to all the mask things out there in the world or jump right into the middle of it – stay centered.

Stay in your Song, stay in your driver’s seat, stay in that beautiful place of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of all things, with no judgments, just accepting everything for what it is.

Not expecting it to be anything any different.

Now remember, that doesn’t mean that you condone the horrible, gross things. It just means you accept that it exists. Denial never helped anybody or anything.

Once we can do that then we can decide what it is we really want.

This concept of “praying”- in our modern culture we learn a lot about praying at. We talk at God, or something, and we ask for a lot of things. And that’s about it. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t. Kind of depends on where you are with your energy and how masky you are when you’re doing this.

If you are full of your mask energies, masks are in the driver’s seat, and you put out this praying energy then you’re just going to make a whole lot more mask stuff.

You’re going to draw a lot of masky things to you, all this stuff that you’re afraid of and you don’t want, you resent, etc., etc. You’re going to draw it right to you and to the middle of your life.

If you can stay in your Song and clearly think out what it is you would like to have in your life – how you would like to live; how you would like to live with other people; what you would want the relationships to look like; what you would want your culture to look like; what you would want your educational systems to look like, your political systems, how things are built, how industry works, if there’s pollution or if there’s no pollution, if there’s free energy or more gasoline – that will draw those things into existence in your life and into the world.

How do you want things to be?

Most of us spend our whole lives bouncing around in the psychic winds, manifesting whatever is blowing helter- skelter on that current, following the thoughts and fears of the masses and our own hidden history.

But what is it you would actually like to see in the world and have in your life?

Think it out, write it out, figure it out in your mind and then concentrate on it.

Talk to others about it.

Write about it – put it on the web where others can see it.

Get it out into the world so that more people can see these concepts and these dreams and pictures of a much more beautiful and efficient world for our future.

We aren’t going to have a very decent life right now, and especially a very decent future, if we don’t dream it up.

And we have to start dreaming it up right now. Today. This moment.
Each one of you. This is the vote that counts!

You have to start dreaming a better world. Dreaming a better you, better relationships with others, better culture – everything.

It has to start with you. Right now!

Love Ka Ta See, By Kay Cordell Whitaker, Chapter 43




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