A Definition of Love

Love, real unconditional love, love from the heart space, it has no demands and has no judgments, no expectations, no condemnations.

You don’t jump to conclusions and assume about yourself or the other.

You observe yourself and the other for who and what you actually are.

Your Song touching their Song, your truth honoring their truth.

One is not proper. One is not better-than.  They’re different.

Two different individuals. Unique.

And if you are willing to be together then in the Ka Ta See way you are sharing Song – Song to Song. You’re sharing love and caring and friendship.

Always being there for the other person.

Both of you – always being there for the other person.

Always being able willing, to put yourself in their shoes for the moment and see what you look like through their eyes. See what the world looks like through their eyes.

Always willing to listen.  Carefully listen.

This passage is an introduction to Safe Space Talks.  From Love Ka Ta See Style, by Kay Cordell Whitaker Chapter 28

For more information about Safe Space Talks and the Skills of unconditional love, call or email me.  I look forward to talking with you.

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