Finding Your Song

June 14, 2013

“Being alive has a feeling.” He nodded his head at me. “A pleasant feeling. An excitement that feels at first faint. Then as attention is put on it, it grows.  This sensation this beautiful awareness, is a formidable tool for collecting power.  This is what we call passion of living.  Fear drowns out this feeling.  And nurturing this passion removes the grounds for fear.

“I will give you now your first homework.  You are to find this passion feeling.  Quiet yourself. Sit alone and watch for it three times each day, you will do nothing else but hunt passion. Try this now.”…

I sat there and wondered what the pleasant feeling of being alive feels like.  And then a barrage of thoughts crowded into my head….

Domano said quietly, “Just let those thoughts drift on away. Don’t hold them. What you look for is on the other side of all those thoughts. An exciting feeling of joy.”

As I continued to hunt, I began to reflect on times past that I had felt joy and I remembered occasions as a child when I felt joyful and excited for no apparent reason other than that of being alive. And the memory, the feeling of it came back to me, a happy adventurous feeling.

After a time Domano began to speak, “The passion is your song.  To feel the passion is to feel and know the song that is your own spirit’s vibrations.  The experience of this is the foundation of ka ta see.  Excerpts from  Reluctant Shaman, page 52.


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