June 25, 2013

Change is the common denominator in this world.  You could say that change is death, the movement that pulls you away from one thing and pushes you into another. Movement. We are beings expressing our existence in the midst of tide after tide of movement.  If we do not learn how to manipulate ourselves within these currents, we spend our time being tossed about like seaweed in a storm.  One can learn to perceive the points of change and use them.

This is ka ta see. Tla ikt la ka ta see.  The learning of the ways of balance.

This is said to be the dance of the stars, to learn how to not be carried of with the tides, but to keep balance.  To dance.

To give movement of your choosing.

Chea Hetaka in Kay Cordell Whitaker’s The Reluctant Shaman, page 31.

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