Our Emotions and Food

June 1, 2013

“We Humans connect taste to our emotions,” Chea (Kay’s teacher) went on. “To what we are not usually aware of deep inside ourselves.  We take emotions inside us the way we take what we are tasting inside us. When we taste something we bring it into a sensitive, private part of our body.  It is intimate. Deeply personal.  Taste is for the self. An inner, inward experiencing.  It is finding out about the world from inside.

“We can take apart our emotional addictions by what we do or do not put in our mouth.”

“How?” I asked. “How can that possibly make any difference?”

“We don’t know this world or our selves through the words in our minds, Kay,” Chea answered.  “We know them through our body and our feeling.  Experiencing.  We are many things, but we are made into flesh.  Here.  In this place is the only way we know our self. Eventually it always comes back to here.” And she crossed her arms and patted her shoulders.

The Sacred Link: Joining Fortunes With the Unknown by Kay Cordell Whitaker, pg. 96-97.

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