Self Judgment

That’s one of our favorite masks. That’s a cultural thing.

Its a cultural norm.

It’s a learned behavior.

And it doesn’t have to be there. …

You don’t have to condemn yourself.

You do it out of habit.  And once you really understand that, recognize it, you acknowledge it, you acknowledge how addicted you are to all that habit – then it actually becomes very easy to give it up….

We can choose to just not play that game anymore, not feel those emotions anymore, not believe in all the beliefs of a mask anymore.

Its a choice…

Domano (one of the Shaman that mentored Kay in the Ka Ta See tradition) would look up at me with one of his side glances that bored right into me, shaking my insides all the way through my guts, and say, “You have a choice! Don’t throw your power away. Choose!”

Every minute of the day, you have a choice.

So take your power, make the choice, re-make your present and your future.

Excerpts from Kay Cordell Whitaker’s                                                             Love Ka Ta See Style, chapter 11: Self Judgment


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