Spreading Your Wings ~ WELCOME


Spreading Your Wings *

It’s been said that
Our Spirits are gently whispering to us
its time to wake up now.

Its okay to wake up.

Hello, I’m glad you are here.
I invite you to relax, breathe deeply, let you mind slow down,
relax into your peace and happiness
Perceive with all your sesnses,
the subtle and more obvious senses,
the information and energies in these words
you are about to read.

 Welcome to an exploration of a spiritual path that guides you to create
more spaciousness in your heart and mind,
clarity, peace, deep connections to yourself and others,
and interactions empty of pretense and lies.

Explore new ways to love yourself that helps
free your passion for living… passion not about being driven but 
being free to feel and express the depths of your aliveness.

Choose to place yourself in situations. Situations where you can learn the
Ka Ta See teachings for Creating a New Earth, skills that help you live your everyday life fresh and new and expands your imagination for creating
thriving for all on Earth and Earth Herself.

Dare to learn skills
that help clean out repetitive thoughts and emotions

that drain your energy, interfere with your relationships or that
side track your journey to your hopes and dreams.

Open to the gifts of a new way of experiencing yourself.
An experience that gives you a bigger perspective
 full of possibilities birthed from your heart.

An identity that is steadfast.
An Identity
that you can trust.

Hello, my name is Barbara Culbertson
Ka Ta See Shaman
(Traditional Ka Ta See Teaching, Healing and Counseling)
Traditional Ka Ta See Bone Thrower

I’ll be your Guide to these ancient and sacred ways.

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