spreading our wings ~ ABOUT ME

Barbara Culbertson

Traditional Ka Ta See Shamanic Healing,
Counseling and Teaching
Traditional Ka Ta See Bone Throwing

Hello, — here’s a bit of information about me.
Over my life time I sought truths to live by from many religious groups and various wisdom practices.
I was looking for teachings that were
kind, loving, clarifying, that provided humor amidst the teachings, and straight forward guidance that reflected accurately my truth and gifts and the spiritual practices, ceremonies and Ka Ta See tachings
I needed to live them. 

Then one day in 1993 one of my
Guided Meditation clients placed a book on my desk. She said: “I think you will like this book.” And left it as a gift. The book was the Reluctant Shaman by my teacher, Kay Cordell Whitaker.  

I read the book many times and then started looking for ways to be in touch with Kay and study with her.  

I began my studies at Kay’s first workshop in 1994.
I’ve studied this tradition for almost 30 years
gathering ever increasing jewels of wisdom
for my everyday life.
I gain such a continuous growing sense of how exquisite it is to be alive
and how to use my Song filled focus
to draw my present and future desires closer to me…and with more ease.
Our Songs are full of uncondiiotnal love.
And I am so so greatful for finding this path to loving myself uncondititionally.
And what a wonderful gift it is to give to others.
Song is their poetic reference to self,
Song holds the knowledge of the fullness of who and what we are.
An incredible way to identify ones self.

Don’t miss this chance!

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