Losing your sense of connection

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 I’d like to ask you some questions about about feeling connected.

 I wonder if you ever lose track of your sense of connection – your sense of connection to life?

Does that leave you feeling empty or separated from yourself and others?

When you take time, do you remember that you long for a way back to the things that ground and nourish you, to that place where you honor your truth?

A place where you can rest in your own peace and clarity, perhaps you feel gratitude for the beauty of the earth – 

the clouds, the plants, trees, animals – these your relatives.

 The Ka Ta See people experience

all of life as alive, having consciousness and purpose, a unique vibration, a Song, that radiates out into the world.

They have this experience because they live with freedom to perceive from their hearts and the knowledge of how to do that, 

 they trust their experience, they live from their Song.

Song is their poetic reference for their sense of passionate aliveness, the truth about who and what we are.

We too can experience life from our Song.

 Here is a Love Note that was given to me by Sun and other Spirit friends.

  This Love Note is a light and playful celebration of my friend Sun who reminds me that the totality of my being, the truth of who I am – shines brillantly (as does yours).  And its always there for me to turn my attention to and to live from.  

Love notes:  Song to Sun  (48 seconds)

From their Song, the Ka Ta See people experience themselves as being deeply connected to everything.

The way we’ve structured our society makes it easy for us to experience ourselves as being isolated and separate. 

As a species, we humans, are on the threshold of a possibility…the possibility of reclaiming our identity as

people who live and make decisions for ourselves and the generations to come — living and knowing that

we are deeply connected to everything.

Studying the Ka Ta See tradition is a path of learning to know your identity and how to relate with intimacy to yourself and  all that is. 

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 Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Barb Culbertson, Shaman, Ka Ta See Tradition

Love Notes

 capture sounds, patterns and vibrations of my interactions with the physical and energetic aspects of the world around me. Listen deeply with me to my Spirits Guides, and Nature Beings friends — to their wisdom about what’s possible for us humans.

 We humans can choose to be this unconditional love. 

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