Thoughtforms: (Nov. 1, 2020)



The Ka Ta See definition of power is an innate ability that all Earth Humans have…the ability to choose each thought emotion and belief.

All thoughts have emotions attached to them and all emotions have thoughts attached to them. Our thoughts and emotions grow out of our beliefs. The Ka Ta See people have a word that refers to that combination of thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Our translation of that word is thoughtform. 

We constantly broadcast our thoughtforms- those expressed and those kept hidden. 

 In our culture we have been taught that we can speak one thing and think and keep silent another.  What we consider  a private thoughtform actually is broadcast energetically along side what speak or do. 

Telepathy has been one of the common methods  of communication for the Ka Ta Se people  for a long time.  So they can see this way of pretending that we learn in our culture. 

They can see that thoughtforms are attracted to like thought forms. Thoughtforms that carry happy feelings are attracted to other thoughtforms that carry happy feelings.  And this holds true for all of our thougthforms;  angry, sad, critical, loving, kind.

Thoughtforms are carried and held in little energy packets.  As they leave us they broadcast to the world around us and they join together in groups – like attracting like and form huge social thoughtforms.

My happiness thoughtforms joining with other happiness thoughtforms forming a huge social thoughtform full of happiness.  

Personal thoughtforms are the ones we express alongside the thoughtforms we believe we hold secret. Notice that they are called personal thoughtforms not private thoughtforms.  Our personal thoughtforms feed those big social thoughtforms.   

And when we feel happy the big social thought forms floating around in the environment come  feed our happiness. 

When we understand their concepts of thoughtforms, it gives us more choice on how to move toward our hopes and dreams for ourselves and for the world around us .  Those hopes and dreams that we carry deeply and take action about with passion.

It’s challenging to retrain ourselves to choose our thougthforms consciously with purposeful intent, to have our personal — expressed and unexpressed thoughtforms be consistent.  But it’s  a more clear and more exact path to our hopes and dreams.