The NO NOs


One understanding of the Ka Ta See tradition of Unconditional Love

1)  Blind Beliefs are the foundation for our masks. They are beliefs that we’ve been taught from our birth about how the world operates.  Many of these beliefs are fear based.  Based on the notion that we are our thoughts and emotions and that our value comes from knowing and following the rules.  The rules ask us to behave in a way that gains approval, to use violence and force to get what we want, to hide information for our own benefit and most strongly to ignore our Song, to deny the aliveness – the vastness, ancientness, of the Song of all other beings.  One example is  the blind belief that says “I’m unlovable.”  We’ve been taught this. So we  try to manipulate people to love us, with clothes, mannerisms, manners, etc.   All of our masks have the foundation of a blind belief. And the rest of the NO NOs are based on blind beliefs.

2)  Assumptions. In the Ka Ta See tradition assumptions are described as “lazy arrogance.”  Its when we are too lazy to ask questions, or be curious, to gather our own information from our Song. Instead we hang on to some current thought or theory or some really old belief system or theory as if it were the only truth available to us. One example might be to assume that we are correct about the motivations that others have – being pretty sure that we know why someone thinks or behaves the way they do. For instance, noticing the behavior of a person of a certain age and telling yourself or others that they act that way because of their age. Another example is to assume that we will fail at something and so we never attempt that new thing.

3)  Expectations are when we hold a picture of how something or someone is going to be no matter what. For example, we are in a conversation with someone and we’ve re-hashed the situation a lot or think we know them very well and are expecting them to respond in a certain way. So we respond to them as if they had said what we expected. Or we give our prepared response. Or perhaps we are just waiting for the opportunity to squeeze in our prepared response. We are so sure we are right. And we twist what they say with our response. Song is full of curiosity about what is actually happening. Holding expectations is like setting out to do an experiment in a way that gives us preconceived answers. Its not good science.

4) Jumping to conclusions is when we leave the land of reason and make an incredibly quick, far jump to the land of make believe. This land of make believe has nothing to do with accurate assessments or Song based win-win-win interactions. This feeds miscommunication, isolation, mistrust, suspicion, fear, anger, revenge, hatred, bitterness, and wars. For example, one of your children is late getting home and you decide that its because they are thoughtless so you immediately criticize and shame instead of asking questions.

5) Arrogance is when our cup is too full and we are sure that there nothing else worthy of our attention about life or about a certain issue or person.  That we understand most things better than others.

Arrogance separates us from ourselves and from others. That made up little world of being “better than” creates a lot of isolation. And there is that constant business of watching out for others trying to be better than us and using one hand to hold others in the place we perceive that we can hold them in.  And this arrogance can be covered with sugar-coated politeness and social niceties.

Arrogance is the flip side of unworthiness – extreme low self-esteem.

The arrogance is an effort to hide this.

6) Judgments of ourselves or others are held up by unworthiness and arrogance. We are thought in our society to value ourselves by comparing ourselves to others. And so we learn to look for opportunities to see ourselves as better than others and crumble or defend when we perceive ourselves to be less than others. And we judge objects, like toothpaste, as well as people and other beings. And we casually throw ugly energy darts at ideas, people, Earth, and human made object with little regard to the ramifications of our criticisms and dart throwing. Judging is very acceptable behavior in our society especially when the dark energy darts are included.

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