spreading our wings ~ THE KA TA SEE PEOPLE

The Ka Ta See people have been around for 30,000 years and some say for 50,000. They lived on a South Pacific island before moving to South America.

They know how to make lasting change. Our culutres tends to lean towrad making chages at the expense of others – earth, soil, water, air, other humans and inhabitants on our Planet Earth.

Ka Ta see people have lived a commitment to keep their teachings pure and accurate from genration to generation Like many other ancient traditions they knew that their ways would be needed by the other humans on Earth for us to survive as a species.

The Ka Ta See people know that everything is alive, consious,
radiating its truth – its Song — out into the world.  And so their interactions are filled with deep respect and care for all of life and for the generations to come.
We are each a unique piece of Creator.

There is no word for judgemnt, condemnaton, or hierarch in their language.

They and other antcinet cultures sees the modern culture as upside down and backwards.  We have so much to learn from them.

Hope you enjoy all the newness and freshneess available from these
ancient teachings!

Song is the word that the Ka Ta See people use to describe their identity.

Our Song is the truth of who and what we are.
Our identity is a feeling sense, not an idea.
Its about knowing ourselves
and the world around us
from our senses, not from our cultual programming.

 Song is exquisite, expansive, steadfast, quiet, playful, curious, kind
and so much more.
It gives us access to a part of our intelligence that we’ve barely tapped into.

Ka Ta See is about living our sacredness.

I’ve learned this tradition from
Kay Cordell Whitaker and
Chea and Domano Hetaka, Kay’s Ka Ta See Shaman teachers.
I’ve studied this tradition for more than 25 years gathering ever increasing
jewels of wisdom for my everyday life.
I gain such a continuous growing sense of
how exquisite it is to be alive and how to use my Song filled focus
to draw my present and future desires closer to me…and with more ease.

Have fun checking out this introduction.