Practice # 2: The Babble of our Masks

Song strengthening practice #2

Our masks babble to us all the time. For instance your self crticizing mask may tell you that you don’t floss your teeth right, and the next minute will show you images of the news and tell you to feel powerless.

Our various masks babble their own agenda a mile a minute doing what it takes to get your attention. Your attenetion is their food, its what keeps them alive.

These masks questions will help you look clearly at the mask and to distinguish Song from mask.  But most important it will put you on your path to gaining freeedom from the masks and opening to the possibilities this creates.


Mask Questions

I encourage you to make some notes about what you learn or where you need help in this process and add them to your comments in the comment box below. I will address your comments and concerns in later posts or zoom gatherings.
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To learn this approach of understanding and removing your masks, you can continue working on the mask you used in the first practice or choose a new one. If you need help with identifying a mask, think of a time that you were complaining about something or were critical about someone or something.


An important distinction between our Song and other understandings of self is that the Ka Ta See people say that we are not our masks. Our masks are separate and distinct from our Song. They are are not part of the truth of who and what we are. These practices are about helping people understand and feel the difference between Song and mask.


Answer these questions about your mask memory.  Its very valuable to write down your answers.


If you are interested in pursuing identifying, understanding and removing your masks from your system, its very helpful to keep a journal where you date and record your answers about your masks.


Some people use this record of the mask answers to see a bigger picture of their mask behavior and to build muscles of noticing the presence of masks.


Here are the Questions:

-Is there a funny name you can give to the mask? It can help create a distance between you — your truth and the mask.

-Describe or draw a symbol or image that comes to you about what this mask energy looks like or feels like?

-What is the mask telling you to think?

-What is the mask telling you to feel?

-What actions or behaviors does the mask tell you to do?

-What beliefs does the mask have? What is its view of the world?

-What triggers this mask – what situations cause you to automatically respond in this way?


The mask questions are a way to express unconditional acceptance of your mask. To accept that you recognize the presence of this mask(s) and how it operates in your system and the effects it has on you life.


This is a good time to acknowledge that you were born into a world where you were taught to give your power away to the masks. And that you know now another way to relate to your masks.


Noticing the feeling of your Song and of your masks.

Take some time to rest in your Song.


Here is the Song meditation again if that’s helpful.

As you observe from your Song – remember the feeling of the mask without adhering to the instructions of the mask or pushing it away. To look from your Song is to look with unconditional love, curiosity, clarity.


What were you feeling in or around your body, how was your breathing, what was your posture, what was the mask telling your to think, telling you to feel?


Remember the feeling of this mask.


Notice the difference between the feeling of your mask and the feeling of your Song.




Having expreinced both the feeling of your Song and of your mask, which do you choose to identify with in this moment and return to throughout your day, your life?


Mask provide addictive highs for doing things right or feelings of unworthiness that give us emotions to muddle around in. These may be temporary or chronic.


Choosing your Song is about returning to your truth, your delight, your clarity, your love and caring, your ancientness and vastness.


Returning to your Song is returning to a steadfastness about who and what you are.


This exercise is about helping you identify, understand and dismantle your attachment to your masks.


As you continue to explore through your experiences of this and the other mask exercise notice the differences in what you create in your life from living from your Song versus living from you masks.


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memory you are exploring.
What did you learn about your mask that was helpful?
What would you like help with?
How does this compare with other approaches that you have for working with chronic patterns?