Ka Ta See<7/23

Ka Ta See means setting the world in balance…all of us working together to set the world in balance.

The Ka Ta See tradition is from the Eastern Andes of Peru.  It is known to be at least 30,000  years old. Their  unbroken spoken tradition has been passed down clearly and accurately for all of these years and only written about since 1991. (See The Reluctant Shaman by Kay Cordell Whitaker.)

In the Ka Ta See tradition, the truth about who we are is our Song, as they call it — the feeling of our passion for living, our joy, happiness, curiosity, exuberance, delight and compassion.

Throughout our lives we have a tendency to hide and bury parts of our Song and replace them with fear-based recordings – our masks, instructions and rules that keep us confused or stuck, blaming, and defending. Our masks even disagree with one another, shame and chastise one another. These dulling repetitive patterns created by our mask cause disharmony both internally and in our external relationships. One minute some thoughtform takes control of our lives, the next minute another. We desperately try to find our power, our truth, by trying to control things outside of ourselves – trying to control other people, the earth, what someone believes, the weather.  But true power comes from our ability to choose where our attention is in each moment, to choose each thought and emotion.

An amazing quest to pursue in life  is to know who and what we really are – to know our Song.   “And in the feeling of our Song is held the knowledge of the gifts we were born with, the path that we came to walk,  and the knowledge of how to connect with other people, all of life and to ourselves as part of creator.” (From the Ceremony of Finding Your Song www.Katasee.com).  Our power comes from our ability to choose where our attention is… choosing moment by moment to identify with our Song. By choosing to live from our Song, our passion for life, we can set our intentions with clarity of thought and emotion.

Living from our Song connects us with Unconditional Love, the energy that creates and maintains the universe.

Barbara Culbertson