Song Ceremony for Traditional Counseling

This informaion is about a tradition that has lived on the earth for a long long time and their perspctive is delighfully different from ours.  It’s best find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed to read and listen to the following information. Enjoy!

Song is a poetic reference to how the Ka Ta See people  expereince the truth of who and what they are.

Song is the basis of the Ka Ta See tradition and their way of thinking and living. Its the basis of their spiritual traditions and all of their ceremonies.

Song is our true essence. It is the truth of what we are. It is us as an entity, its our totality.

Its ancient beyond anything you can think of or dream up. Vast, very very vast and wondrous.

It is everything we have been through all the ages. All the things we have experienced, all our gifts, all our knowledge. All collected together. And that is the truth of who and what we are.

To live our day to day lives knowing of our totality allows us to expreince life in expansive ways that are outside our cultural ways of understanding the world.

The Song Ceremony below is all about putting you in touch with what Song is.

In order to experience Song we have to get in touch with the feelings, we have to tune in with all of our memory and all of our senses and all of our awareness to the feeling quality.

That’s what this ceremony is all about.

The Ka Ta See tradition is extremely experiential. Everything is learned through experience.

This introuctcion and the Song Ceremony were created by Kay Cordell Whitaker, my Ka Ta See teacher.  I have added slight modifications to serve the purpose of this presentation. The accuracy of the Ka Ta See teachings have not been altered.