Sound Healing

Some clients experience a journey far and deep into their subconscious.  Some even feel as if they have entered another dimension.  Some say they feel emptied then refilled and renewed.  Some leave knowing they are no longer stuck in their lives on a particular issue.  The linear mind slowly stops trying to make logical sense of it all, allowing the body to safely open passageways from its perfect blueprint.  Balance and vitality are restored to the entire system.

Barbara uses her  skills  to send life energy and unconditional love to her clients. Her instruments are gongs, rattles, drums; life giving energy passing through her hands; gentle hand contact; and gentle movements of the client’s body.

The sounds and the silences create vibrations in and around the body. This work is rejuvenating, relaxing and bring balance and health. These sessions help people be less afraid of change; more relaxed, replenished, and more connected to what is ancient and vast in them.

Clients wear loose comfortable clothes and lie on a massage table during the session.

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