Gaining Freedom From Repetitive Patterns – Audios


Hello, my name is Barb Culbertson. For the last 20 years I’ve studied an ancient tradition from the Eastern Andes of Peru. During that time I’ve learned many of the Ka Ta See ways of teaching, healing and counseling.

I want to talk to you about getting out of the box and living bigger than you’ve imagined before.  I want to help you experience and live a powerful definition of self in your daily life.

So I have some questions for you.

I wonder if you would like to understand your patterned ways of thinking and feeling, those patterns that diminish your relationships and slow the achievement of your goals?

Would you like a safe structured environment that lets you drop pretense and listen deeply to yourself in a way that gives you clarity and possibilities?

Do you want support for the new possibilities you choose to pursue?

If these questions interest you I invite you to listen to this series of audios entitled Gaining Freedom from Repetitive Patterns.

Audio 1:


Audio 2:


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Audio 6: