Free Online Class – Part 2 (Password protected)

If you took time between Part I and Part 2
you may want to pause and smudge your space before you begin.
You can do this energetically or using a smudge stick.
The video about smudging is in Part I.



 Part 2 has 3 sections: The Identity Questions, the Introduciton to the Ceremony of Finding Your Song, and the Ceremony of Finding Your Song.

Now you will be guided through the Identity Questions.


There will be five questions. You will be given the first question. Answer that question for yourself and then click the link for other people’s responses to that question.


These “others’ responses are abbreviated. Please take all the time you want to answer these questions.


Continue with your answer until you feel complete. After you read the others’ responses to question 1, there is a link to the next question.


Following the others’ responses to the fifth question you will be given a link back to the Free Online Class – Part 2 to continue with the Introduction of the Cermeony of Finding Your Song.


Take your time with these questions. They are an opportunity for you to learn about yourself and the world around you.


Before the questions I would like to share with you guidlines for how to treat yourself and the people you read about as you proceed thruoghout Part 2.




In Part I, I introduced you to the NO NOs, one of the Ka Ta See understandings of unconditional love.


Here they are again: No Blind Beliefs, No Judgements, No Jumping to Conclusions, No Making Assumptions, No Unworthiness, No Arrogance.


To review them in more detail return to Part 1.
They are after the Smuding Video


The answers for these Identity Questions are for you, for your own learning. Don’t concern youself with what other people might think of your answers.





Your answers are either honest of dishonest – only you know.


I encourage you to be honest with yourself.  And to keep private what protects your leaning.



Here is the first question.




Answer the question for yourself, then click on the link below.

Other people’s responses to Question 1