Feel You Aliveness, Know a New Truth

Ka Ta See Wisdom Workshop led by TTN Member Barb Culbertson
Feel Your Aliveness, Know a New Truth
Access Your Full Intelligence and Discover Your Song
We have been taught to suppress our intuitive senses in a world crowded with thoughts and information, and the crowding out of our intuitive senses— our energetic knowing— makes it hard to know what to trust.
The hidden trauma that we all share is to have been taught to turn away from our senses, our perceptions as our source of what to trust and how to know what is real. We learn to filter the world through repetitive cycles of thinking and feeling that don’t necessarily serve us. Cycles that are isolating and judgmental of ourselves and others. We are given a scripted learning of our world that diminishes intimacy, creativity, pleasure and fun.
In this four-hour experiential workshop, we will explore together the healing process of ancient Ka Ta See wisdom, come to know the source of our aliveness and vitality, learn processes for dancing with change, accessing our full intelligence, and freeing ourselves from our limiting beliefs.
Barb Culbertson is trained in the healing, teaching and counseling ways of an ancient Peruvian tradition. With over twenty years of experience she guides individuals to freedom and possibility through traditional Ka Ta See teachings.
Workshop hosted by Nathalie W. Herrman at her home in Eldorado Saturday, March 3rd, from 1pm to 5pm
Cost: $55
For information, contact Barb Culbertson @ 919.452.8490 culb1951@gmail.com
To register, contact Nathalie Herrman @ 248-207-7293 nathalie@humanizetheworld.com