Explore the Healing Gifts of Vibration and Sound




The sounds and vibrations that are integrated into these sessions
are a reflection of

something inside that wants to be seen, noticed, healed…
things held in the body from old injuries, sickness, or
trauma. Things that take your energy.

The deep tones of the drumming tends to be grounding. It helps create a sense of safety, and deep relaxation.
This helps releases stress and can creates safety to look at things that you know need your attention.


The soft bright rhythms of the rattles shift brain waves making room for
new perspectives and insights.


The ancient healing songs help bring awareness to your spirit,
your source of aliveness
your connection to all else
and help you gain access to the knowledge there.

The sessions include gentle hand contacts,
rhythmic movements of your body,
the use of my voice or vibrational instruments
hat shift your  level of consciousness.
Then there is the verbal communication between us.

The sessions are done on a massage table.
Clients are asked to wear loose comfortable clothes. 

90 minutes – $90

 To receive a $15 discount…
Have a friend or loved one also come for an appointment
September 19-20.

Health Touch, LLC

3500 Westgate Dr # 504, Durham, NC 27707.

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I think it’s rare to find healers and guides that embody her level of skill and integrity…

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Barb Culbertson
Tradidtional Ka Ta See Healing, Couneling and Teaching