Email: 9 This really pulled at my heart…March 4, 2017

Hello my friends,

I’m sending this email to those of you that have expressed interest in the day-long workshop: Fearless Relationships, Accurate Perceptions and Kindness for All.

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One thing about the Ka Ta See teachings that really pulled at my heart at the beginning of my studies was that fun, happiness and pleasure are taught as important concepts.

From the Ka Ta See perspective:

Our entities, our beings want experience, variety,
want to know, want to have fun!

At the depths of our knowingness we want

pure pleasure

— pleasure that flows with nature and not against nature.

Living this way provides social structures that create thriving for all.

The pleasure of having permission to take all you want of the endless supply of unconditional love and
unconditional acceptance.

Pleasure is an element of sustainablity for us as a species —

More pleasures…

Is your heart asking you to slow down, deepen and take in these possibilities?

We are taught in our society to turn away from our remarkable potential. To accept the “shoulds” that we are taught to live by and to not seek beyond that.

Take this day to
step outside your comfort zone.

For more than twenty years I’ve studied and fallen in love with
the teachings of the Ka Ta See people.

So full of kindness and clarity.

 I look forward to sharing these simple ceremonies with you that offer safety to explore and dance with
what more is available for you — for us all. 

You can do these ceremonies over and over again to dive deeper into your freedom.

The date of this upcoming workshop is:

Saturday, March 4
9am – 5pm


for you and someone you want at the workshop with you

The deadline for registering is:

Friday, February 24

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After you register, you’ll receive thought-provoking stories by
extraordinary Ka Ta See storytellers

and other examples of the rich wisdom and teachings from this tradition.

You will be sent directions to my home, the location of the workshop, and other details.

This day-long workshop is good

like chocolate, 

like the touch of a rose petal, 

like a star-lit night,

like tenderly holding someone’s hand.

 Come to this workshop.

Bask in these unordinary teachings.

Here is the link to the previous emails about this workshop. More details about what you can gain from this day together.

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Saturday March 4, 2017 workshop