Email 6: Comments from previous participants

The deadline for this upcoming workshop is
Thursday, January 12th.

These four classes will be a time for expanding your perspective

and for developing a safe place for getting to experience a new understanding of self, others in the class and the world around you.

If you’ve not already done so,

I invite you to register now
by scolling down to the  bottom of the page.

Here are comments from participants of previous workshops:

“This is a unique workshop that gave me an opportunity to resolve issues that have affected me subconsciously
for most of my life.”

“It was excellent. You provided a very safe way for people to share and allowed enough time for the sharing.”

Please Join us!

Barb Culbertson, teacher
Traditional Ka Ta See Healing, Teaching and Counseling

Here is the flyer for these four classes.

Sacred Link Part 1 & 2:
Fearless Relationships, Accurate Perceptions & Kindness for All

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