Finding the Root of the Problem

My clients notice and welcome a safe place to get help figuring out the root of their health problems. They welcome a place to look at the complexity of their body and the complexity of their health history.  I encourage them to accept both the strengths and weaknesses of their system.  They feel safe to notice how they feel about their current health and what they hope for the future.

They welcome my 26 years of experience aiding in full recovery from stress, injury, disease, and emotional and physical trauma.

They come to recognize how much they need to experience deep relaxation. They love the freedom to let go of their holding – to be able to feel their bodies expand freely as they breathe in the air and the stillness.

They value the assessments I share with them as a way to measure their progress and see what needs more attention.

They like both receiving the effective therapies I offer that increase their health  as well as  the satisfaction of their own contribution to their health that they already do or that I teach them to do.

Please call and let’s talk in detail about your needs and my skills and see if working together is part of your path to better health, to balance. 919.452.8490





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