Are you experiencing the fullness of who and what you are?


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Today I want to talk with you about a question my students want to know the answer to: Am I experiencing the fullness of who and what I am?

One thing that really blocks our fullness is the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that we repeat to ourselves over and over again. When we live within the reactions and pictures of ourselves that we’ve absorbed or chosen from our society we learn to diminish what we dream about, the goals we set for ourselves, the relationships we have, and even how we spend our time and money. And sometimes that box we live in feels very small and draining. We tend to loose the sense of moment to moment freshness and exploration. We notice fears more than possibilities.

Here is a song that my friend Wind Spirit gave me about what’s possible. I call the Song

Wind Spirit, Friend.

The Ka Ta See tradition teaches you to quest for the knowledge and change you want to expreince through their ancient rituals ad cermeonies.  You can learn to live in an exquisite moment to moment intimacy with yourself and the world and have learn ways to stretch beyond what you can now imagine.

Explore this path… see if it’s your path…this choosing the fullness of who and what you are.

This is a traditon full of clarity and possibilities. I invite you to give me a call or email me below to ask questions, leave comments or set an appiontment.  Let’s talk about a bigger, deeper perspective for your life and how I can help you reach that.

Read more about the Ka Ta See tradition on this web site.

From my heart, to the heart of Mother Earth, to your heart.

Barb Culbertson
Shaman, Ka Ta See Tradition


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