Not at the Expense of Self or Others

The more and more we take on
new ways of

thinking feeling and living…

ways of living that are not at the expense of self or others

the more we will  be able to engineer technologies that
don’t harm…

that don’t harm the
waters, the soil, the airs,

us humans and other beings
that know Earth to be their home.

Here are some teachings about how not to live at the expense of self and others.

For the Ka Ta See people of Peru, Song is the poetic reference they use to desribe who and what we really are
— our  truth.

For them our truth is a feeling
not an idea.

Our Song is full of happiness, peace,
excitement for being alive,
respectful curiosity, groundedness and much more.

Exploring the feeling sense of our Song opens doors to the knowing of our
vastness, our ancientness and new sciences.

Come closer now.   Sit by the fire.
Its time for a medicine story.

This story is not from the Ka Ta See tradition
but another tradition.

Medicine stories teach and heal
each person in a
very intimate and unique way.  

Medicine stories have a way of returning to us through our thoughts,
emotions and images —
deepening the teachng and healing over time. 

I know of a man whose people lived here on Earth a very long time ago —

before we Earth humnas began our experiment of living as if we were only physical beings.

Living as if our spiritual aspects were foolish and to be ignored
— the upside down way.

Before this time, Earth was ever so beautiful, healthy, and alive.

Visitors came from all over the galaxy

to observe this bountiful water planet and all its inhabitants.

For thousands of years we humans have lived the upside down way.

Something so imbalanced will eventually crumble in on itself from its own weight.

The old ones (this man’s people) say, that this is happening now. We need to be replacing it with something new.

 His peoole are currently here on Earth along side many other beings

– the trees, the coulds, the waters.

They all know how to live the
fullness of their intelligence –

that balance of their
physical and spiritual perceptions.

They want to help us
 regain the fullness of our intelligence
so we can survive as a species.

This is the end of the medicine story.


Our Song (our truth)
is our access to the fullness
of our intelligence

– both our physical and
our spiritual ways of perceiving relationships and technology.

We can create thriving for everyone when we live from
this fullness.

To learn more about regaining the fullness of our intelligence as humans
and the possibilities that exits for our planet,

please be in touch


or come talk with me at one of the vigils.

See ya soon!
Barb Culbertson
Traditional Ka Ta See Teaching, Counseling and Healing