spreading our wings ~ SESSIONS


Every session begins with a 15 minute Song Ceremony. Song is the bases of the Ka Ta See tradition. The more you listen to the Song Ceremony the easier it is to distinguish cultural trainings from your Song, your truth. 

The Song Ceremony gives you opportunities to experience a new understating of self– of who and what you really are. An identity that is steadfast, an identity you can trust.

Song gives you opportunities for discovering the depths of new things to learn about yourself about your history and your place in the universe.

Song is a way to learn to love yourself that frees up the expression of your passion for living the and the gifts you came in with.

Song is the beginning of a Spiritual path that guides you to living from your inherent nature. Kay Cordell Whitaker, my teacher and a Kala Keh Nah Seh of the Ka Ta See tradition describes it this way.  ...our basic inherent nature is to be coming from love, love and kindness, and beauty, and appreciation, and respect, and harmony, and gratitude, and helping and sharing, that’s or basic nature.

The hatred, the fear, the anger all that kind of stuff came from outside, something imposed on us and we learned it, we learned it so well that we just keep doing it and we keep doing it more and stronger and bigger with every decade.
Kay Cordell Whitaker (online post).

The Song Ceremony offers an understanding of self that helps us choose not to live by the hatred, the fear and the anger,… all that kind of stuff. 


 journal entries:
Journaling is a big focus of these sessions. A journal entry is a chance to write without editing yourself. Write a description full of the details of challenging experinces, thoughts, emotions, and/or memories. Include in these journal entries: where you were, what you thought, who was there, what was the environment like, what “they” said and what you said.  Choose an event in your life from the previous week or longer ago that was/is challenging for you, a situation that you want fresh possibilities for. It’s a chance to write, unedited, about a challenge in your current life or a challenge that lingers from your past. It can be a chance to work on repetitive thoughts, emotions and beliefs that drain and drive your life.

In the session I’ll guide you to see your the challenge you bring that you describe in the jouranl entry -old or new – from your Song’s perspective. I’ll help you learn to feel the difference between the cultural training (masks as the Ka Ta See people say) and the Song point of view. 

Sessions are a time to learn how to love yourself unconditionally,

Its a time to explore upclose the deep emotions present in an environment without judgement.

Its a time to allow the possibilities that your Song holds for you to rise to the surface.

This is a time of daring to be honest with yourself. Honesty is an important skill when it comes to cleaning out inefficient thoughtforms (thoughts, emotions, and beliefs), self criticism, feelings of never being good enough, feeling stuck, I bet you know what I’m taking about.

The journaling helps you create a new spaciousness in your heart and mind. This in turn brings the expanding of clarity, peace, happiness, a deep knowing of the innate connectedness to your self and others and relationships empty of pretense and lies.

These sessions give you a chance to harvest possibilities birthed from you heart.

I ask the people I guide to come prepared explore a sentence, paragraph or a mental, emotional or physical pattern represented in the journal entry.  

Its helpful for me to get to read the entry or a chosen portion of it before the session. Please email that to me 48 hours ahead of our session so that I will be able to make time in my scheduled to read it.

new ceremonies:
As you grow in your skills and understanding of the Ka Ta See teachings, I’ll offer you opportunities to participate in ceremonies and initiations that will introduce you to new spiritual guides and spiritual practices and a deeper understanding of  the immense possibilities we humans have that you’ve never yet imagined.

The ceremonies teach about intent, focus, about sacredness and about using all of your senses -your seneses of your physcial body and those that you can expreince from the knowing of your Song. Your ability to use your “spirit senses” grows from more and more moment to moment living from the feeling of your Song.

bone throws:
I have earned the designation of Traditional Ka Ta See Bone Thrower. Bone Throwing is the most ancient divination ceremony in the world. It gives people the opportunity to hear me present the much bigger perspective of the Animal Spirits, Nature Being Friends as well as the Ka Ta see Teachings for Creating a New Earth. These Bone Throws are an opportunity to receive guidance about your everyday life and about creating the present and future – for yourself and the generations to come. These teachings are full of knowledge about how to create an Earth where everyone thrives and where there is kindness and respect for all.

The answers from the Spirits are full of wisdom, unconditional love and accurate reflection.

After around 8 weeks of the Ka Ta See sessions you will be invited to have a Bone Reading be a the session. You’ll need to come with the qeustion you have for them.

You can ask for guidance in your daily lives, for deepening your understanding of how to use the teachings of Creating a New Earth in your daily life and for the planet – and more. You get to chose the question.

The answeres that the Spirits give offer a perspective that point out possibilities for your personal life and gives hope about the future of our species and all life here on Earth.

I encourage you to use some sessions following the Bone Throw as time to give life to the wisdom gained in the reading. And can help you put into action the guidance given.

new teachings: 
Ka Ta See is all about new experiences, new ways of thinking and feeling, new ways of relating. We live about 180 degrees differently than they do. The Hetakas, Kay’s Shaman teachers from Peru along with other ancient teachings say most of humans here on Earth live backwards and upside down from their way of living.

So as we continue working together I’ll continue to add more teachings from the Ka Ta See tradition. You can begin learning more about the Ka Ta See tradition now by reading  Kay Cordell Whitaker’a two books:  The Reluctant Shaman and Sacred Link.  They are both available on Amazon. The Reluctant Shaman describes her 13 plus years of trainings with the Hetakas, her Peruvaina teachers.  Sacred Link describes her teachings with the Hetakas about reclaiming the fullness of our senses. Both so deliciously flowing with newness about how we can explore and express our passion for living and become more and more aware of how to share with others the newness we carry within us. The more we interact with oursleves from unconditional love the more it flows out to the world around us.