Song, in the Ka Ta See tradition, is the poetic reference to self: the truth of who and what we are.

Some common concepts of our identity describe self as our thoughts, emotions, our vocation, sex, or cultural identity; some say that there is no self or that we need to give ourselves away to some bigger concept.

In Ka Ta See, self is known to be a feeling. The feeling that we have when we are feeling happy, peaceful, or excited about being alive. These feelings are a doorway to our vastness and ancientness. Our Song is our totality. We are not our cultural training.

Knowing Song leads to freedom, clarity, a deep sense of connection to ourselves and the world around us. It opens possibilities in our lives that we’ve never dreamed of. When we step outside  the box of our cultural training there’s a whole new reality to explore.

The Ka Ta See tradition is taught through ancient rituals and ceremonies.  People learn their Song through experience.

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  “The Ceremony of Finding Your Song”

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