Pathways of Commitment to Your Health

As a Traditional Ka Ta See healer, counselor and teacher I help people maintain and regain health. I help uncover the root cause of health problems through assessments and provide treatments and self-help activities which help balance and repair their system.

I’ve noticed with myself and with clients that staying steady with creating change in your health can be challenging. Of course I want effective treatments from my helath care providers.  In additional to that I want to know that I have dependable support and information. I also value having ways to promote my own health and well-being.

I give these to my clients through regular progress reports, treatments, sessions and by teaching practices that help you have a clearer and more accurate picture of how to participate in improving your health.

Sometimes improving your health is a slow process – to undo the repeated ways you’ve exposed your body to harm, consciously or unconsciously.

Health can be diminished with lack of down time, by eating foods with low nutritional value, or by maintaining relationships and environments that don’t nourish you. And of course there are decreases in health due to injuries and traumatic events.

There are also social and personal beliefs that keep people from seeking out the help they need.

In our society we have a tendency to minimize or completely ignore the signals from our body that are a request for help and attention – like pain, exhaustion, digestive track problems, lack of sleep, and the worsening or changing of “little annoyances”.

Even if you see yourself as relatively healthy, you may hold more privately a sense of resignation or think that nothing will help when it comes to declines in your function, vitality or ease. Some of you may feel embarrassed about changes in your health or about asking for help.

You may have learned to attribute changes in your body to your age, to similar conditions in relatives and family members or how you compare your health with the health of those around you. You may tend to accept what you’ve been told about your health without exploring other solutions.

And even more challenging is when health conditions and disease states change your life in big ways – ways that change your body physically, your relationships, and your sense of self.  It can leave you with a feeing of being alone with your thoughts, emotions and concerns.

Pathways of Commitment to your Health is a plan that gives you a chance to look at the strengths and weaknesses in your body and the history that has shaped your current health. It gives you regular feed back about your progress and a heads up when new information or a shift in strategy is needed. Having a good sense of where you are now with your health makes it easier to see the most direct way to head somewhere new.

The sessions and treatments balance and increase the efficiency of your system. They can help you understand the interrelatedness of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects your being and increase the body’s ability to self correct. For instance, you can gain clarity about diminishing thoughts and feelings you hold in specific parts of your body and can begin to change and choose more carefully what energies you send to that part of yourself.

Whatever your situation, we work together to build a partnership for increasing your health.

The changes that can manifest in your life from our working together can include any of these combinations: a gain in vitality, a decrease in pain, a more effective immune system, a growing sense of peace and possibility or a deeper sense of connection with self and others.

You’ll learn about self-help activities that help you participate more efficiently in generating your own health.

You can choose the kind and number (from 1-8) of sessions you receive each month. You can choose the focus of each session to match your greatest present concern. Each session brings balance and repair to all aspects of your system as well as addressing your current concern.

If you are like me you really care about your health and the future of your health.  

The partnership we build as we walk along this path provides structure, connection, increased well-being and support in staying steady with a commitment to your health.

As you know, its important to choose a health care treatment plan and health care professionals that fell right to you — for there to be a sense of possibility and ease of interactions between you and the people that help you with your health.

I invite you to call or email to set an appointment for a free consultation. I want to hear about your health and what you want and need. I want to answer questions and share with you details about my approach for maintaining and regaining your health.

Let’s look carefully at how it would be to work together and explore the possibilities of  improving your health.  

Barb Culbertson