Others’ responses to question 3:

Who are you? What are you? How do you identify yourself?

Person 1: 

I’m a financial analyst. I’m a father. I’m a human being, a man. I’m an American.

Person 2: 

I’m a mother, I’m an artist, I’m Jewish. My parents immigrated from Europe. I love being in nature.

Person 3:

I have two brothers and sister we all live in South Carolina. I work at a big engineering firm, I’m a Methodist, and I love to sing and play the guitar. I just finished my master’s degree 2 years ago.

Person 4:

I am married and retired. My wife and I are very happy. She is a banker. We enjoy one another’s company and like to go places together. I grew up in a big family with 3 brothers and 1 sister.

I am 60 years old.

Person 5: 

I am a college student, a democrat, I want to do medical research, I care about urban farming, I come from an long line of professionals who work in the medical field. I love to be outside. I’m part of the  wholeness of life.

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