More about the ceremonies for Fearless Relationships, Accurate Perception, and Kindness for All

Ka Ta See is an ancient tradition from the Eastern Andes of Peru. The Ka Ta See people have been around for at least 30,000 years.

Ka Ta See means “setting the world in balance”

All of us working together to set the world in balance.

They have knowledge about how to live that is absent from our modern culture.

This workshop is a way to gain some understanding about the freshness and possibilities they have to offer.

In the Ka Ta See tradition experience is very important.

For them everything is learned from experience.

Ceremonies are experiential.

First Ceremony

The first ceremony is a smudging ceremony that many indigenous events begin with. It’s a way to energetically clean the space. This helps people get focused for the rest of the workshop.

Bundled herbs are lit and then the flames blown out and the smoke that moves into the room cleans the space. I use very little of the herbs. So the smoke is faint and the fragrance is pleasant.

The Second Ceremony

The second ceremony is a discussion led in a traditional Ka Ta See way that invites people to consider their identity.

The Thrid Ceremony

In the third ceremony people are asked to close their eyes and relax deeply as I guide them to experience through their own memories and images the Ka Ta See concept of self.

There are periods of discussion after the ceremonies and after the workshop.

Ka Ta See
Setting the World in Balance
The Ways of the Eastern Andes as Taught by
the Hetakas and Kay Cordell Whitaker

Sacred Link Part 1 & 2
Fearless Relationships, Accurate Perceptions, and Kindness for All

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