Ka Ta See Teachings on Unconditional Love

These are teachings from the Ka Ta See people of the Eastern Andes of Peru.  They know themselves to be 30,000-50,000 years old.

For that long they have lived with deep respect for themselves, for others, Earth and her inhabitants.

They know how to live with nature and not against nature – never at the expense of other.

When they watch our interactions with ourselves and others they notice that they are based on conditional love.

In our culture we are taught that to receive love or approval we have to act, feel, think  and believe in specific ways or we will be punished, pushed away or excluded.

And in our culture we are taught that unconditional love is fluff, inconsequential, unscientific or that it’s a beautiful concept but un reachable.

Here is a Ka Ta See understanding about how to live unconditional love that is affectionately called the NO NOs.

No judgment (discriminating is important – noticing what is beneficial or not), No expectations, No jumping to conclusions, No Assumptions, No Unworthiness, No Arrogance. And no Blind Beliefs.

Blind Beliefs are beliefs that we have never stopped to question to see if they serve us – if they are beneficial to ourselves and the world around us.

What’s underneath these ways of living that we have learned is our sense of passionate aliveness, joy, peace, clarity, happiness and the ability to perceive so much more.

In their language there are no words for  judgement, condemnation, or hierarchy.

Imagine that.

Thanks for your time and attention.