Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

All of my treatments are ceremonial in nature.  The sacredness of the ceremony is created by the invitation to and presence of spirit guides in the session. The client may experience the presence of the healing energies  by things such as deep relaxation, warmth, movement of energies in and around their body, insights, decreased  pain, or the identification of emotions.  I express the energies of the ceremony through gentle contacts and subtle movement of the client’s  body, and sometimes massage.  I may also use rattles, and other sounds and instruments to help create balance.  But always the space is filled with spirit helpers offering healing and unconditional love.

These sessions create balance, decrease pain and speed the building of health in the body on all dimensions: physical, mental emotional and spiritual.

The Ka Ta See tradition is a win-win-win tradition. The intent of the healing is for all involved to receive benefit  – the client, the practitioner and even the disease or dysfunction.  In this tradition there is no use of force or violence to get the disease or dysfunction to leave. Instead it is assumed that whatever  imbalance  that is found  in the body  is like a messenger that is ready to return home once it has delivered its message. Diseases or dysfunctions will resist leaving when force or violence are used before it has a chance to deliver its message. The Ka Ta See tradition deeply honors the intelligence and aliveness of all life forms.