Email 7: Changing Ourselves, Changes the World

We humans are facing huge problems with unwanted consequences.

Unfortunately there is much agreement

in our culture

that our social problems are overwhelming.

So we are likely to respond by lashing out, shaming, blaming, criticizing and/or succumbing to a sense of powerlessness.

In these extraordinary teachings of the Ka Ta See tradition it’s understood that

changing ourselves changes the world and
that we each have the ability to do this.

The four classes described in the link below are an opportunity for you to

step out of your comfort zone.

I’ll guide you in creating with one another a space without judgment,

of safety to explore and look clearly at new possibilities for how we can live.

These teachings and ceremonies can open you to a sense of freshness, effectiveness,

and an unfolding of the gifts that create thriving for us and the generations to come.

Please Join us!

Barb Culbertson, teacher
Traditional Ka Ta See Healing, Teaching and Counseling

Here is the flyer for these four classes.

Sacred Link Part 1 & 2:
Fearless Relationships, Accurate Perceptions & Kindness for All

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