Email 1: More kindness…less fear, isolation and violence

In the recent elections a new momentum has surfaced in our country.

This shift expresses values that greatly increase

 government and societal permission to

disregard and disrespect the well-being

and lives of others, as well as the health of the Earth.


 To me, a missing piece of the puzzle

for creating the visions of the world

we hold deep in our hearts,

is some vital information


information about how life

might be done differently

—more kindness…

less fear, isolation and violence —


teachings that open us to seeing possibilities

that flow with nature and not against nature

and that teach us how to stop the blaming, shaming and

lashing out.


Allow yourself this special opportunity

to take a deep dip

into the unordinary teachings of the

Ka Ta See people of the Eastern Andes of Peru.

Please Join us!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Barb Culbertson, teacher
Traditional Ka Ta See Healing, Teaching and Counseling



Here is the flyer for the workshop. 

Sacred Link Part I & 2:

Fearless Relationships, Accurate Perceptions & Kindness for All

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