A Special Kind of Nanny Care

for parents to be and parents with children infant to age 3 

When I think about caring for your children, spending valuable time with them, I think about being in partnership with you the parents. Following your lead and offering my observations of your child/children in relationship to their well-being and development.

Here is a flavor of some of the qualities that are present with my interactions with children, qualities that might already be on your wish list for a nanny..

Kindness, respect, nurturing care, reliability.

I teach new skills by playing along side children….

I love to help children experience things that stimulate their minds and their hearts.  So what I observed is that it’s good for children to move in patterned ways and spontaneous  ways, to get their hands in the dirt, play hard, enjoy quieter activities, to have the satisfaction of learning  their numbers, ABCs, working puzzles…

I foster in children a love of being outside and of their curiosity. I find it easy to help children laugh. I love following their interest throughout the day within structures as well as spontaneous opportunities that arise. 
They will have their gifts, their desires to learn and their need for care and nourishment attended to and reflected back to them.

The folllowing are some of the more unordinary yet equally valuable things I offer the children I work with.

I can help your child/children maintain their intuitive and telepathic senses. This is a great addition to the other kinds of intelligences they come in with. 

I will look for opportunities to encourage them to be able to take in information from subtle sensory data in addition to the linear ways that our culture encourages so strongly. These subtle sensory skills help them learn to perceive the deeper or hidden meaning of things. This additional information will help them sense more possibilities and have an ease about creating their own contributions to the changes they encounter in their lives.   

I can help them experience their truth and trust it.  Experience who and what they are –  and how to find that in their joy, happiness, aliveness and passions. 

Each of these skills help people develop a bigger sense of trust in themselves in the midst of a complex world that we live in. These skills build their inner knowing.

I can help them experience a  knowing of their spiritual nature and their physical nature and how to maintain open access to both of those aspects of who they are. This creates a doorway for them to experience the fullness of being human.

 I offer a free introductory discussion – a chance to visit,  get to know one another and exchange information and questions. 

I look forward to meeting you.

Barb Culbertson